On The Radar: Metanautix

On the Radar: Metanautix

Quest is unique in that it combines a data integration engine with a distributed, scale-out query processing capability. It bolts onto BI tools invisibly – the end user simply works with the visualization tool and may not realize that Quest is running underneath.”

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Featured Customer

“Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) analysis ensures the success of our marketing campaigns across millions of customers and billions of touch points … MTA analyses that had taken days now take only minutes with Quest.”

Ben Weitzel, VP Customer Insights & Analytics at Shutterfly

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Metanautix Partners with Couchbase

Partnership makes it easier to analyze enterprise NoSQL data together with existing relational data using standard SQL.

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Experience how Metanautix Personal Quest makes it easy to analyze
data from multiple sources and in a variety of formats.

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Sales in Teradata? Products in MongoDB?

Analyze JSON-structured data from MongoDB together with traditional relational data from Teradata in Tableau with Metanautix Quest.

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The Dremel Effect: Becoming a Data-Driven Enterprise

CEO Theo Vassilakis examines “the Dremel effect” from his tenure at Google and how it can help improve how every enterprise works with data.

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Easily Join MongoDB and Teradata in Tableau

Watch this short video to see how Metanautix Quest makes it fast and easy to analyze JSON-structured data from MongoDB together with traditional relational data from Teradata in Tableau.

“Companies want to analyze all of their burgeoning data that is spread across multiple depots. Those same companies are plagued by slow access to data and complex pipelines that are laborious to maintain. Business analysts are often comfortable with ubiquitous SQL and would rather not have to work through a software engineer, the latter reduced to being a code monkey. Metanautix simplifies and speeds up analysis with SQL-driven, massively scalable technology without requiring a business to relocate their data.”

Bill Coughran, Partner
Sequoia Capital
Former SVP of Engineering, Google

“With the great variety of data sources and data types within organizations, the ability to perform analysis on any data using Quest is incredibly valuable to Tableau users. Metanautix Quest provides Tableau users with a quick and easy way to power their Tableau Dashboards with insights from all data.”

Andrew Beers
VP of Engineering, Tableau Software


The Vision Behind Metanautix.

Analyzing data is key to making better decisions, reducing risk, and developing new offerings. Watch this video to learn more about our thinking.

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Quest 2.0: Putting “Software-Defined” in “Data Mart”

We're really excited to announce Quest 2.0 this week. It brings together a set of features that allows the building of, what we're coining, "Software-Defined Data Marts." For more details on today's release, check out the Quest product page and the press release. A Software-Defined Data Mart (SDDM), like Software-Defined Networking, is an abst . . . Read More

Jim Adler
Vice President, Products & Marketing, CPO

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Metanautix Launches Quest 2.0 with Software-Defined Data Mart

Quest 2.0 enables enterprises to build secure, isolated data marts even on virtual servers Palo Alto, Calif. – June 23, 2015 – Metanautix, a big data analytics company focused on simplifying the data supply chain, today announced the launch of Quest 2.0 which includes the first of its kind Software-Defined Data Mart (SDDM). Quest 2.0's SDDM enables teams to rapidly and securely build data marts using existing virtualizati . . . Read More

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